Monday, March 2, 2009

Valentine's Day

Ashley and I spent Valentine's Day weekend in Arizona with my mom to spend some time with my grandparents. It was such a nice trip, we hadn't seen them in almost a year and a half so Ashley had changed a whole bunch since they last saw her. It was also so nice to be back in their home, I have countless childhood memories playing in the toy room, watching silly movies while Grandma stuffed us full of treats, eating yummy homemade dinners, spending time on the porch and being loved beyond belief, it was fun to have Ashley somewhere so special to me and watching her play with the toys I grew up loving (By the way, the old school fisher price mini doll house, school house, etc has to be the worlds greatest toy. I've never seen a kid not like it and it's been played with by three generations and is still working, they just don't make stuff like that anymore)

Ashley had fun opening her Valentine's day prizes (you gotta love the Target $1 bins for days like that). My Grandma got her a giant Clifford stuffed animal and a brand new Clifford book (it was the same Clifford story my Grandma would read to us kids and we would laugh hysterically at one part). Ashley loves using "clippord" for a pillow.

We also went to the rodeo where we had Indian Fry Bread, if you haven't had it you need to! It's so good, so bad for you and that's why I'm glad I only have the opportunity to eat it once a year. I had mine made into a taco, mom had hers filled with chili and Ashley had hers sprinkled with powdered sugar. The indians must have been feeling very generous this year because the portions were HUGE but Ashley loved it enough to eat every last bit. When I asked for a bite of hers she was pulling it away from my mouth so I could only get the tiniest nibble off the corner. Ash loved the rodeo, she thought it was funny to see the hats fly off the cowboys and she loved all of the "horsies".

Before we left on Sunday we went to church and my grandpa snapped a picture when we got home, for some reason all of us decided to wear black, except for Ashley.