Monday, March 2, 2009

Girl's Night

Over the weekend Jason had some friends over to play a poker game and Ash and I decided to have a girly night. We went to Blockbuster to rent some movies and then headed to the grocery store to get some treats (my grandma passed the treat gene down to me). When we left the house I had full intentions of making Grandma Brick's sugar cookies but by the time we got in the store I resorted to a tube of sugar cookie dough and a can of frosting (no pregnant ambitions today). I let Ashley pick out a treat for movie time and she knew exactly where to go- the brand new Easter display where she carefully chose the perfect bag of jelly beans, of course standing there I noticed a delightful bag of all black jelly beans and snagged that for myself YUMMY!

We headed home and stole some of the poker party pizza then Ashley helped me put together the more than needed storage system for the toy closet. I know I've been a slight airhead throughout the pregnancy but assembling that stinking thing made me feel like the biggest dork ever. I think it took me 4 attempts to get the first two pieces together because I kept trying to put it together with one piece upside down or backwards, GRRR, an hour later it was done and Ashley was proud or relieved that she didn't have to be my assistant anymore.

We headed to the kitchen to make cookies which Ash joyfully plowed through once they were finished.

After picking up our construction zone we went to the master bedroom for movies and jelly beans. The TV in our bedroom is so big it's rediculous, it's literally like being in a mini movie theatre so it was just the right spot to watch our movies.

We started off with 101 Dalmations which I seemed to like more than Ashley. During the movie Ashley was searching for a purple jelly bean, when she finally found one she tried it and as you can see from her face it wasn't all she had hoped for it to be HEHE. On the other hand I completely enjoyed my black jelly beans.

After 101 Dalmations we watched the Little Einsteins Big Adventure, I fell asleep and woke up to Ashley tapping me on the shoulder, "mom, it needs to start over again, you gotta push the button".