Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boy or Girl?

We had such an exciting day. I hardly slept last night, woke up late this morning with a tummy filled to the brim with fluttering butterflies. I felt like I was in that anxious, nervous, panicky state of mind; it kind of reminded me of getting ready for our wedding day, lots of nerves but all good nerves.

Ashley and I met Jason at the doctor's office and I proudly wrote my name on the ultrasound waiting list. I kind of expected to wait at least 10 minutes (until the time of my appointment) but just as I was settling down into my chair I heard my name. I could feel and hear my heart beating like crazy (which of course made me nervous since I was having my blood pressure taken right after the ultrasound). We walked in the ultrasound room, it was so much bigger than I remembered and it felt like it took the tech 30 minutes to get set up (in reality it was maybe 2 minutes). I took one last glance at Ashley and Jason before my eyes were fixated on the screen. This was it, no turning back! We saw the baby with its hand up against its forehead- quite the dramatic pose. Then the kid started to pull its legs up to its head, very flexible I thought. The tech measured the legs, the head, checked the brain and it was "beautiful" as she said, the heart had all four chambers and was beating at 149 beats per minute, the tummy, kidneys and bladder were all great. I sighed with relief and was so happy to have a healthy baby. Then we moved on to the serious task of finding out what this kid was. The tech finally froze a frame and started explaining the shot. I was freaking out. I knew the first second I saw Ashley's ultrasound that she was a girl, it was as clear as could be and I couldn't see anything on this shot, no little thingy poking out. I swear my heart stopped beating and then she said, "those are the boy parts". I think anyone in the office heard us cheering. My head did a psycho exorcist twist to look over at Jason who was beaming from ear to ear, such a happy dad to have his sweet little girl and now his rough and tough little boy. I am so happy for him. I think we're all still in shock, how is it possible to get what you hope for AND have a perfectly healthy baby?? We will be adding Colin Peter Brick to the family on the expected date of Aug 28, 2008. There was a question about my due date being a week behind and he measures a week ahead of the Aug. 28 due date but because of my high blood pressure and the fact that it can inhibit the growth of babies we're sticking with the Aug 28th date to make sure this little guy has enough time to cook. Like I said, we had a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your baby boy!

The Lercara's said...

awwww congrats! im so excited for you guys. Now you get a boy and girl how lucky. love and miss ya xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hey, its Bri's friend Jen :)YAY for a baby boy!!!! I've been blog stalking you, and I'm so glad you made it so you can leave comments now! Congrats on the amazing news! Now go buy everything BLUE!!!!!