Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A Tough Goodnight

Ashley was not happy about going to bed last night (I'm not sure why, it's usually an easy thing with her). After many stories, hugs, and a few tears she finally fell asleep. When I went in to check on her I found a snoring girl with mittens on! There's a box at the foot of her bed that has random winter and summer stuff in it, like mittens and hats. The only thing I can guess is she decided to explore the box since she could reach it while staying on her bed and she was excited about her mittens. So, I had to take a picture.

I've promised some people pictures of our home today and you'll get them eventually. I forgot to charge the camera after I took those pictures last night and when I went to turn it on to take house pictures during nap time I realized my mistake. I'll have them up before I go to bed so if you feel like staying up you'll see them tonight, if not you'll have to wait until tomorrow.