Thursday, March 19, 2009

Preparing for Spring

About a week before St. Patrick's Day I picked up a kit for dying easter eggs. Ashley didn't seem to notice the purchase at the time but she hasn't let me forget about it since we came home that day. I've been asked to make easter eggs a few times a day since then. I told her you can't make Easter Eggs until St. Patrick's Day is over. Then the question changed to her wondering if Patrick's day was over. Finally Patrick's day had passed and it was time to make easter eggs. You should have seen the joy and smile bloom on her face when I told her it was time.

She always likes to help me make dinner and be a part of any process going on in the kitchen so she quizzed me with about 100 questions while I was dissolving the dye tabs in each bucket.

Ashley loved dipping the eggs in each bucket and was so proud of her final product, I have to admit I love opening the fridge to be greeted by brightly colored eggs, despite the egg smell they have.