Saturday, March 7, 2009


Last night we were all sprawled out on the couch about to go to bed when I felt a slight poking from the baby. FINALLY! It reminded me I'm actually pregnant :-) I told Ashley and she put her ear up against my tummy and then jumped back and said, "Ouch, that baby kicked me!" She continued to do that about 3 more times then it was time for a serious conversation. She told me to be really quiet so she could hear the baby and she said, "Hellooo! Baby, are you in there? Are you doing flips in my mommy's belly?" She waited for a response and then said,"Great! I can't wait to see you one day!" It was so sweet, I can't wait for us to know what it is so she can use its name when she's having baby conversations.

I thought that was exciting but when I was waking up this morning I rolled from one side to the other then finally settled on my back and I just happened to have my hand on my tummy when the baby decided to do a somersault or something because it moved enough for my hand to feel it from the outside. I can't wait for this belly to get big so I can sit and watch it kick and roll around from the outside, that's one of my favorite parts of being pregnant.

I just had to share the news because it's exciting and it reminded me that there's a little kid coming soon. My belly is finally starting to go from a beer belly look to a baby belly look. Jason said yesterday when he came home was the first time he really noticed a little baby bump growing. I just want to be huge so people aren't left wondering if I've been pigging out on donuts or if I'm pregnant, they'll know.

Oh! I almost forgot. When I was pregnant with Ashley I had one dream at about this time in the pregnancy of me looking at her in her crib and she was a girl, that was the only time I had a dream knowing the sex of the baby before we found out in real life. Well, a few nights ago I had a dream it was a boy so I'm hoping it works out the same way it did last time.

Keep your fingers crossed!