Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Hi everyone, I know you're probably shocked to see a new posting! You probably thought I completely abandoned my blogging since it's been so long. I promise I haven't there's just been a ton going on and after 2 weeks of no blogging it started to feel like a major project making it harder and harder to find the time to get it done. So I've made some posts below with pictures and I'll just give you some updates in this blog.

First off, everyone wants to know if we're all moved in, settled in, whatever you want to call it. By my standards I'd have to say HECK NO! For me to be moved in every box is unpacked and thrown away, everything is organized and everything is decorated. We still have about 4 boxes to unpack in the garage but we did make progress this weekend (I can finally park in the garage!!!) I think for the most part things are where they need to be but there has been no decorating. Our fireplace mantle has become the collecting spot for all decorating items so we'll just say it looks pretty snazzy haha. We had to redesign part of the built-in entertainment center so once that gets in the mantle will only house a few items. The changes to the entertainment center are being done as a favor from one of Jason's friends he's met through work so I'm not sure when it's going to be done but it shouldn't be much longer.

Everyone also wants to know if we love our house. Absolutely! We love the space, the floor plan but most of all we love the location. It is so nice to be within walking distance to big grassy parks, jungle gyms with sand, jungle gyms without sand, lap pools, regular pools (they're called plunge pools here), the water park, etc. Every day that I drive in and out of our neighborhood I literally smile and think "I cannnot believe I'm so lucky to get to live here". It still hasn't sunk in that this is our home. I've finally grasped the idea that we live here but I haven't realized that we actually OWN this home and we can do whatever we want to it.

Baby update... There isn't much to update you on. I had my first appointment 4 weeks ago and everything looked great, I'll have my 16 week check up March 4th but that shouldn't be too exciting. We will be finding out the sex of the baby on
March 30th as long as the baby cooperates. I'm feeling fine, better than I did with Ashley but the beginning of the second trimester wasn't quite as wonderful as I hoped it would be. I've still had some morning sickness and some days I'm just sooo tired. I've had some tension headaches and I hurt my lower back last week picking up kids but that's finally getting better. I can't wait for the morning that I wake up and don't dispise my toothbrush (the main culprit in making me get sick in the morning). I haven't been having any insane cravings but once in a while someone will mention something and I'll wish I could have it right then but I'm not going to die if I don't. Over the weekend I was craving Hot Dogs, restaurant pancakes (they are so different from pancakes you make at home) and those fruit popsicles that have the chunks of fruit in them, I could really go for a watermelon or coconut one right now.

Ashley is growing up by the second and I just want to put her on pause. For the last six months she hasn't been too cuddly because she was trying to prove she was independent and not a baby but now that she's established that she's turned back into a cuddle bug, oh how I missed my cuddle bug. There is nothing better than ending the night with Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune and my girl snuggled up against my side (I know- you're thinking Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune? I grew up watching it every night and when Jason and I were dating my parents got him hooked on it. Lately Jeopardy has had easy questions so it's been fun being able to answer most of them). The other night we were getting Ashley ready for bed and Jason asked for a kiss and of course she showered him with about 10 kisses, then I asked for a kiss and this is what I got, "Sorry mommy, I'm all out of kisses, I gave them all to Daddy." After some convincing Jason gave Ashley some of her kisses back and she gave me a whopping 2!

The day I hurt my back I was on the floor trying to stretch my back and Ashley came over, sat on her knees right next to my head. Then she placed her hands on my forehead and said, "It's ok mommy, I'm right here. We will make you all better. It's ok." Then she planted a sweet kiss on my forehead and hugged my head. I wanted to sob right then and there.

Sometimes when we don't directly ask her to do something but suggest she does something she'll politely reply with a "no thanks" it's so sweet it's hard not to laugh.

About once or a twice a week Ashley will ask my how my "trow ups" are doing and she'll tell me that I should tell the baby to quit making me trow up.

Jason's doing great, work has managed to stay pretty busy for them and he still loves what he does. The drive to and from work is a little longer each day (just a few minutes) but it's worth it to him because the drive to the beach is shorter for him now. We've enjoyed some productive weekends and can't wait for the warmer weather to come.