Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If you give a boy a cookie...

If you give this boy a cookie...

                                                                                                        HE WILL MAKE A MESS!

There's that goofy "cheese" face again.

Somehow this boy manages to make a mess big enough to look like he's eaten 10 cookies, yet he still has about 75% of the cookie left!  But who could ever get upset with a face like this?

Flat Top Fun

This boy was in desperate need of a haircut so we decided to have fun with it and gave him a flat top for about 2 minutes...he wasn't a fan, but it provided a few laughs for the rest of us.

Harvest Festival 2010

The Harvest Festival is one of my favorite things our neighborhood does.  It's a fun way to follow up Halloween and the kids always have fun.  This year there was bull riding, rock climbing, pony rides and more.  The kids (Jason included) had a blast.  I enjoyed snapping pictures of my loves while I soaked in the sun on the cool fall day, it was my kind of weather :-) 

This kid probably possesses the cheesiest "cheese" face ever!

Me and my boy, we both love a good cuddle.

Sometimes I boy needs a kiss from his mom-mom

The happiest cowgirl I've ever seen!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Our Holiday Tradition

In this house the first cup of hot cocoa isn't served until we have the Toys R Us Christmas book.  We set aside an evening to enjoy our first cup of cocoa while we browse through the catalog circling which toys are going to make it to our list for Santa.  I love watching the serious thought put in to each choice.  This year all but maybe 6 things were circled and the decision to circle seemed just as intense haha.