Wednesday, May 26, 2010

School of Life Performance

For the spring session of Little Lambs (kids choir at church) the kids got to open the School of Life performance and sing a song with the big kids half way through the musical.  Ashley was SO excited to perform with the "big kids" on the stage in the "sankshiary" (sanctuary).  The kids were so cute as they opened the show signing and singing, Jesus Loves Me, He's Got the Whole World and This Little Light of Mine.  I was impressed to see 30 3-5 year olds know all of the words and motions, it was adorable!  They also sang a cute song about bugs with the big kids.  That was Ashley's favorite part.  I was so amazed at how confident Ash was on the stage, that sort of thing has always made me nervous.

Jason and I were proud of Ashley for doing so well in her 3 months of practice and the big finale, so we decided to take her out for a treat.  We went to Claim Jumper and before we got in we told her she could pick any dessert she wants.  We had to wait for a table for a few minutes and while we were waiting Ashley found the dessert case and asked a million questions about each one.  When we sat down the waiter came over and asked what we wanted and Ashley started describing what she wanted.  I just started to crack up because our pint sized daughter wanted the chocolate eclair!  The waiter looked like his eye balls were about to fall out of their sockets and he looked at us like we were crazy.  When the dessert arrived Ashley giggled with excitement as she eyed the football sized eclair covered in chocolate and whipped cream (her favorite!)  After about 6 bites she was done and left mom and dad with the monumental task of trying to make a dent in the dessert.  It was a special night. 

Walking to the green room with Daddy.

Playing Ring Around the Rosey with her choir friends.

Organizing all of the kids to get to the stage.

Singing This Little Light of Mine

Singing the Bug Song

Ta Da!

Playing with Dad 

Heaven on a Plate (I love this face because she is clearly excited, but you can tell she is a little nervous about the HUGE size)

Mommy Gave her a whipped cream nose

Ashley got me back

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Our Mini Vacation in Paradise

We were blessed with the most wonderful gift from one of Jason's clients, she offered us a weekend at her vacation home on the beach.  Just hearing those words- vacation & beach made me do a happy dance when Jason told me.  We packed up our things and headed to the beach for some fun in the sun and sand.  We lucked out with the sun on Friday but the rest of the weekend was a little gloomy, yet we still managed to enjoy every second and felt like we had won the lottery.  The kids had a blast building sand castles, watching the waves and throwing rocks for Hauser to fetch.  We played scrabble, Jenga and Blockhead when it was chilly outside and had so much fun.  Jason and I were able to enjoy some time just hanging out on the beach while the kids napped in the house and Hauser had a blast playing in the surf.

Daddy made this face whenever Ashley chose a piece to move :-)

Ashley begged to go kayaking, she told us how much she would love it and how it would be so much fun, so Daddy finally took her and they had a wipeout.  When Jason carried her out of the water I asked how she liked kayaking and she said, "It's not really my favorite.  I don't think I like it very much."  I think I would have said the same thing if I had wiped out.  She is a brave girl.
A bowl of cereal while she watched the waves...she was happy.

My teething Monster (Thanks for the banana toothbrush teether Jenny!)

It was so cool because these two were looking for boats and pirate ships for a good thirty minutes and then they found one!  The Pilgrim was out to sea and it was so cool to see how excited Ashley was to find a pirate ship!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Park Day

Ash and I decided to start exploring all of the parks around us.  The only problem is we've only made it to one park so far because Ashley wants to keep going back.

Saying hi to the boys
Being a monkey on the monkey bars