Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Erin!

For my sister, Erin's, birthday we all went to Farrell's for some old fashioned fun.  It was loud but it was fun.  Colin had a BLAST watching the drums, piano and all of the singing and dancing, he stayed up two hours past his bed time, took a lick of an ice cream sundae spoon (and wanted more), danced and smiled the night away.  Ashley had fun watching it all and of course, being with her Auntie.  They told jokes, played tic tac toe and gave lots of hugs.  I had fun watching the kids and of course watching my sister turn bright red when they made her stand up while the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to her...loved it!!

Happy Birthday Erin, we love you and hope it's a great year for you!

Putting on her birthday badge
Having so much fun
He did a whole lot of dancing all night
Ash checking out the piano that plays music all by itself!
Mortified as they came to the table with drums, ice cream sundaes and birthday songs!
Announcing the big birthday!
Ashley loved it just as much as her mommy
I'm pretty sure at this point she wanted to kill me for telling them it was her birthday.

 Part of the singing crew
Ashley doing a little finger dancing
Making a wish

 Chocolate Sundae face :-)

Auntie got me back for all the torture I put her through when she bought Ashley a kazoo!


J. Gruenemay said...

I love the expression on Ashley's face right before they made Erin stand up. She's beyond thrilled for her Auntie!! I didn't realize Farrels was a chain; we had one in Oregon and I remember going there for birthdays as a kid.