Saturday, July 10, 2010

Neighborhood Friends

I just started babysitting our neighbors' daughter this last week.  She was born on Colin's due date, so these two kids are fascinated with each other.  We had so much fun and it was SO much easier than I expected it to be.  That might be due to the fact that my last memory of babysitting consisted of 4 kids under the age of 3.5 while I was 6 months pregnant!  We played at home and then braved the ugly weather for a trip to the park to play on the swings.  Colin was good to his playmate, he shared, he smiled and he even gave her a love tap on the top of her head :-)

Team work
Ashley entertaining the babies
Just chillin'   This picture makes me burst out laughing every time! 
Ashley was giving the walker a tune up.

Happy Birthday Mom

My mom's birthday is on the 4th of July, this year we had to celebrate it a little late.  She helped Ash pick out her dance clothes and then shooby doobied down to Ruby's.  Colin had fun watching the airplanes, Ashley decorated her cardboard Ruby car and mom and I caught up.  After lunch the kids got to have baby cones and mom had a birthday sundae.  Unfortunately, our waiter complied with my mom's request to not sing to her...booo!  I love watching people blush as the whole restaurant stares while waiters sing happy birthday.  It was a fun birthday lunch for all of us.

We hope you had a great birthday and have a wonderful year mom!  We love you!
It looks like this cone is hypnotizing him.  When he was half way done, he got a brain freeze.  

Tiny Dancer

Ashley starts a 3-4 year old dance class on Monday with her BFF Maddy. I think the mommies are more excited than the girlies. We went to get Ashley her dance clothes today, I was SOOO excited.

We tried on all sorts of leotards, some with rhinestones, some with sleeves and some without. The classic Ashley line of the day was delivered in the dressing room when I asked her what her favorite leotards were. She pointed to the short sleeved ones and said, "I like these. I don't like the other ones because I don't want to show my whole body to the world." Please tell me this modesty will stick with her FOREVER!!!! I was so tickled I had to call Jason as soon as we left the store, he was pretty happy :).

When we got home I helped Ashley get all dolled up in her dance clothes and she looked stunning. She was so excited to surprise daddy with her ballerina outfit. I'm not sure of the last time I saw her beaming with this much joy, it was so precious.
"Pssss, mom!  Do you think Daddy will think I look pretty, like Angelina Ballerina?"  

I told her to show Daddy her BUN, she turned around to show him her bum.

Bustin' a Move!

Colin was loving his sister's dance moves.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

4th of July

We had one JAM PACKED Independence Day this year.  We started the morning off with the Ladera Ranch Freedom Run.  Jason and I both ran the 5k.  I had started training for a 5k in January but there were a lot of things that kept messing up that training so I pretty much went in to this race not knowing if I would be able to make it past the mile mark.  I was anxious.  We're not talking butterflies in the tummy anxious, I'm talking about sweating bullets, constantly fidgeting and on the verge of throwing up nervous.  To add to the nerves, my brother, who was supposed to be my running partner was late.  He was going to help me find a good pace and he knows just the right things to say to motivate me.  When they started the race and I realized I was on my own I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.  I don't remember being that nervous before.  My only goal was to finish the race before the walkers started strolling in.  I not only did that but I completed it with a 10 minute mile pace, it's not fast, but it was so much better than I thought I would be able to do.  In the end, I was glad I ran by myself because I proved to myself that I could do it all on my own. 

That is my "I need a xanex" face right before the race started.
My competition
Jas heading for the finish line.  Quick like lightning :)

Hallelujah, I'm still alive and can see the finish line!!!
The Freedom Runners

When we were done with the race my family came back to my place for homemade waffles, bacon, eggs and berries.  As soon as we were done eating we headed back out so Ashley could run her 1k. I didn't know what to expect from her.  She likes to do everything at a leisurely pace and to be cautious and careful about everything.  I also wasn't sure if she could finish the race.  Well, this little lady of mine shocked me!  She ran the ENTIRE race with her daddy, uncle, auntie, mommy and Colin.  She looked like a major celebrity.  She was sandwiched between her security guards- Jason and Ian.  She had her Auntie Erin cheering for her as she ran and then there was me.  The crazy mom pushing the stroller, while turning backwards to take pictures the whole time.  As we approached the finish line I felt a lump in my throat and had to fight back tears.  I was so proud of her.  There were times when she wanted to give up and walk but she kept going and it made me SO, SO, SO proud.  I can't imagine what kind of a mess I'll be at her graduations, wedding, etc.
 Starting the race
Ashley's best bud, Maddy, starting the race with her Daddy.

The entourage

 Finishing the home stretch as fast as she can!
Crossing the finish line with her arms in the cute!
 The proud new owner of a race medal (I was wondering where mine was)
Colin was so excited  haha

Showing their medals off
What happens after you run a race 

After our races were done we headed home for showers and some down time because we had a fun crew of moms, dads and kids heading our way.  We enjoyed games of ping pong and the kids rode bikes and scooters.  We enjoyed a yummy dinner bbq'd by my hubby- thanks Jas, with the Shwams, Moysas, Rogers and parts of both of our families.  It was so fun to see our kids excited for the fireworks as we got ready to head over to the park.  Once we all settled in to our blankets we enjoyed the most amazing fireworks ever.  The sky lit up in millions of colors while we listened to the crackle of certain fireworks and patriotic music.  There is something so magical about cuddling on a blanket with your family and friends to watch the sky light up with glittery bursts of color.  It makes you feel loved, it makes you feel at peace and it makes you feel happy and grateful to live in this country we call home.  I was reminded of all of those soldiers, past and present, that have protected us, fought for us and sacrificed so much for us to live this life and I just hope they all know we appreciate all that they have done and continue to do.
You make a silly face to mess up the picture and I'm still gonna post it, you should know this by now brother.

     A rare shot of Jason and myself.  Love you babe!

Watching fireworks with my little man.
                                                                                        This crazy girl fell asleep during fireworks!

After fireworks we headed home to enjoy cake and homemade ice cream as we celebrated Nana's birthday.