Saturday, July 10, 2010

Neighborhood Friends

I just started babysitting our neighbors' daughter this last week.  She was born on Colin's due date, so these two kids are fascinated with each other.  We had so much fun and it was SO much easier than I expected it to be.  That might be due to the fact that my last memory of babysitting consisted of 4 kids under the age of 3.5 while I was 6 months pregnant!  We played at home and then braved the ugly weather for a trip to the park to play on the swings.  Colin was good to his playmate, he shared, he smiled and he even gave her a love tap on the top of her head :-)

Team work
Ashley entertaining the babies
Just chillin'   This picture makes me burst out laughing every time! 
Ashley was giving the walker a tune up.


J. Gruenemay said...

What a bunch of cuties! Colin cracks me up in his GQ photo ;-) hahaha You are a brave woman to take on 2 babies at the same time. But I guess that's how moms of twins do it every day, huh? Ack!