Monday, August 9, 2010

The Boy is ONE!

How did this happen?  How did you go from the itty bitty peanut that curled up on my chest for football games to this ball throwing boy?  The time went by way too fast Colin, I want a redo!  I can't remember life without you but it just doesn't seem like you have been around for a full year.  Even though the calendar is telling me it's true, I don't believe it.

When I think of this year with you I just think fun and want to smile.  You've been a wonderful baby, more work than your big sis, but still wonderful.  I've had so much fun watching your personality blossom, you're a funny guy.  You know what you want and when you want something you REALLY want it.  You love to dance and listen to music, you bob your head and smile from ear to ear.  You LOVE doggies, the dog park might be heaven on earth for you.  You point non-stop saying "Dog, dog, dog!".  You are serious about your food and even more serious about your beverages.  When you start chugging away at your milk or water you are in the zone and there is no getting your attention until your thirst is quenched.  You love to be chased around the house and playing peek-a-boo.  You're a sneaky guy.  If the gate to the stairs is open for some reason you will quickly and quietly make your way checking to see if anyone is watching and then bolt up the stairs laughing the whole way.  You are a professional cuddle bug and it makes your 6am wake up time so much more enjoyable.  You already know how to flirt and sometimes you like to be coy and pretend that you are bashful.  You are a boy down to your bones because you think burps are hilarious and I swear you try to push them out so you can make that proud face.  You love to be in the water- whether it's the lake, the beach, pool or bath and you always cry when bath time is over.

I love you with every bit of me and can't believe how lucky I am to have you for my son.  I hope you had fun at your Birthday Beach Bash and I look forward to many more birthday lunches at Ruby's with you, sis and daddy.

We love you Colin Boy, to heaven and back,

The Birthday Party

The Birthday Lunch at Ruby's
Birthday Trip to the Pirate Ship Park

Birthday Dinner and Opening Presents