Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Beating the Heat with Pools and Popsicles

This summer was unusually cool, it actually ruined all of my hopes for long days at the pool followed by al fresco dinners because it was just too darn cold.  We did have about two weeks of heat and every time I tried to get the kids to the pool something came up and by the time we got home it was nap time for Colin.  So I decided to buy a tiny blow up pool and some popsicles so Ashley could have some fun in the hot afternoons while brother napped.  When Colin woke up he joined in the fun and quickly became a popsicle snob.  He doesn't like otter pops, he doesn't like push pops and he doesn't like the regular fruit flavored popsicles.  BUT, he LOVES fudgecicles.  I'm talking can't get this in my face fast enough kind of love.  This boy plowed through his popcicle and then would look at me with this face like, "Hey lady, where's the rest??"  When he started to slow down trying to figure out how to get it off the bottom of the stick Ashley kindly offered to help him.  By help, I mean eat the last few pieces off the stick while giving him two courtesy licks.  When they were all done Colin had half a melted popsicle on the table, a quarter of it on his face and down his arm and Ashley would always be clean and tidy without a drop on the table.  Although we only had a few of them, I loved these hot summer days.

We had Fudgesicles for our first popsicle and pool day

Drumming on the table
We switched to Otter Pops on day two...not Colin's favorite

Such a good big sister helping her brother
That is not the chocolate deliciousness I enjoyed yesterday
What is this?!?
Where's the good stuff mom?
She loves him so much
Trying to escape the pool