Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Girly time at fashion island

I heard that the babystyle at fashion island was still open and they were having a great sale. I waddled my way to the store with Ash to see if they had any deals on their maternity clothes. I was in luck! I picked up some tank tops for $1.99, two blouses and a "fancy tank top". All of the baby stuff was on sale and it made me so mad because I don't know the sex yet, I wanted to buy some of their super soft gowns and jammies but I did find a soft satin trimmed blanket in cream that Ashley and I decided would be cute for the baby. So now I have more than three shirts to wear and the baby has its first prize (the check out lady told me they expected to be open for a few more months so I'm sure I'll be heading that way after I find out the sex).

After being in baby land we played in the fountains with some doggies. Ashley insisted on looking in the holes that shoot the water up, I tried to tell her she'd get an eye full of water but the fountain decided to make me look like a liar because it never happened. Ash loved watching the golden retreiver "gobble up" the water when he jumped. It was so nice to watch her play while I sat in the sun and got toasty warm.

After the fountains we grabbed a bite to eat and went on the merry-go-round. Warning: if you're pregnant shell out the extra two bucks to ride a pony instead of standing. I was being cheap and it ended up making me really dizzy, I felt like I was going to fly off the ride (that would have been cute).

After our ride we went home and took naps, not a bad way to end the day. I love my girl and our girly days. I don't want her to grow up but it makes me look forward to many more days like this as she gets older.