Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Baby Update!

I actually have a baby update, it seems like it's been so long. The appointment didn't start off so blood pressure went through the roof which of course made me more nervous making the second reading even worse. My doctor, Dr. Hashad, could see the worry on my face when she walked in the door. I told her my concerns and she had some of her own, I guess she wasn't too surprised because she said some women who have had gestational hypertension or preeclampsia (as I did with Ash) have a greater chance of having elevated blood pressure with pregnancies in the future. She said she wasn't too concerned but she felt it would be a good idea to put me on the lowest dose of the most mild blood pressure medicine to help keep the numbers down and to prevent any problems from happening. She assured me that she saw no other signs of preeclampsia and that all of my lab work came back great so not to worry. On the up side I did get to see the little bambino today (I was just expecting to hear the heart beat). Baby was cute and moving its legs (had to resist saying his legs because I feel like it's a boy). I think the baby was working on its freestyle or backstroke kick (he, um I mean, it would make me so proud if it was a swimmer- it makes me smile just thinking about it) Baby has HUGE feet, I mean HUGE! It looked like it was wearing fins or something, hopefully those will become a little more proportioned as time goes on because if they don't the kid will never learn to walk LOL. There was no hope in seeing if it was a boy or girl today, the kid was in the wrong position and just not old enough for the ultrasound machine we were using. Ashley was excited to see the baby, she's convinced it's a boy and wants to name it A Boy Brick- very creative! She was also really excited to hear the baby's heart, for some reason that isn't too thrilling for me- I guess I'm spoiled with the ultrasounds. The one good thing was that the baby's heart was strong and beating fast- 172 which also reassured Dr. Hashad that there's no stress being put on the baby due to my blood pressure. (For all you girls, I ran home to check if a fast heart rate meant girl or boy and it means boy! I love getting hope from old wives tales! It made Jason crack a little smile too)

Anyways, I have a follow up appointment in two weeks to check on the blood pressure after being on the medication- I'm not sure if we'll get an ultrasound then but we're still scheduled for the super-duper ultrasound on March 30th. If Dr. Hashad decided to keep me on the blood pressure medication she'll have me in once for an ultrasound to check on the baby.