Monday, March 30, 2009

12 hours

As I type this we are exactly 12 hours away from the BIG appointment! I'm excited and nervous (a good nervous). I can't wait to give this kid a name instead of calling the poor thing "it".

Apparently my tummy has officially popped and I look pregnant. Peter and Sandy dropped off Jason and Ashley from their desert trip and they were all in shock because my tummy grew so much while they were gone. I love having a pregnant belly. I never forgot how often my big belly got in the way when I was pregnant with Ashley, I always thought it was funny. When I was painting Ashley's pictures this weekend I was wearing a tank top that wasn't equipped to cover a prego belly so it kept riding up and I ended up getting paint on my belly, the first of many belly mishaps.

I'm off to bed where I'll try to pretend to sleep, nights like this remind me of trying to sleep the night before school starts- impossible! This is the last time of not knowing so I'll probably be up to enjoy all 12 hours of it.

We'll let you know how everything goes tomorrow.


Moysa Family said...

yay!!!! we fixed it!!! i hope you were able to sleep last night knowing you get to know whats living in your belly. you better not make us wait too long to find out ;)

Becky said...

Good luck sleeping! I cant wait to see you BEAUTIFUL baby bump! Rubb some baby bump on me for good luck ; )