Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baby Update

I had my follow up appointment since being put on blood pressure medication today. The doctor said my blood pressure was PERFECT, she wouldn't want it any lower or higher. YAY! After she checked my chart she was standing next to the ultrasound machine and said,"Would you mind... (I have to pause right here. My heart started racing because I sooo wanted an ultrasound today to find out the sex, knowing that we're finding out in two weeks is making me crazy and super impatient)...if I check the baby's heartbeat" What a let down, of course I told her it was fine and Ashley loved it. So everything went well, I changed my next ultrasound appointment to March 31st since I don't babysit on those days, adding one more day to the wait (why am I torturing myself??)

Just a side note, it's really embarrassing to take a toddler to the doctor with you. They take a urine sample every time I go to the doctor and for some reason that's the only thing Ashley remembers about the "baby doctor". So while I was signing in she loudly asked me if I was going to pee in one of those cups again. I quietly told her yes and to use a whisper voice. Then we went to the bathroom and she was a like a sports announcer loudly giving a play by play of the whole thing(which is extra special in a bathroom next to the waiting room that echoes). Luckily Jason will be at the next appointment so I can avoid all of that.

I almost forgot to wish you a Happy St. Patrick's Day! I'm Irish and growing up there was always a plethora of green food on March 17th making it fun and special. Unfortunately, I dropped the ball this year and I'm not wearing green (luckily I haven't told Ash that you pinch people that don't wear green), we didn't have green milk, green food or green treats, what kind of Irish mom am I?? I looked in the fridge and the only green stuff I have to offer at dinner is lettuce, I'm not sure that would fall under a "fun food" category. So I'm feeling guilty and off to the market to find something the leprechauns might have left behind. Have a great night and enjoy a green beer for me!