Monday, July 13, 2009

What comes first? The chicken or the babe?

I was given a hanging flower pot at the end of the school year and I kept it alive for almost a month (very good for me, so far the only plants that like me are orchids). Then we had some super hot days and I think I forgot to water it for a whole week. OOPS! I noticed what is now an unsightly pot of dead flowers hanging off our balcony the other day and asked Jason if he could take it down before the end of the weekend. We both remembered about it last night so he went out and as soon as he opened the door a bird flew away. He took the plant off the hook and then noticed two tiny, precious eggs and walked in the house with the most guilty look on his face. I figured he dropped the pot and there was a mess on the patio below but then he told me to come out and see something and there they were. We both felt horrible and decided we had to hang the plant back up so the mama bird could take care of her babies. Now I'm in a fierce competition with this bird to have my child first, but I think the odds are against me. I looked online and most eggs that size only take 2-3 weeks to hatch, 4 at the most. It probably wouldn't be such a good thing if Colin arrived in 2 weeks but I'd take 4 :-)

It's kind of fun because now Ashley and I get to watch the eggs and hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) they WILL hatch and I wont have to figure out how to get rid of them, the thought of that makes my stomach hurt.

If you look really closely at the nest you can see all the time and care mama bird spent making a cozy home for her eggs. While she is nesting with her eggs I'll be nesting in prep for my babe. We'll see who wins the race.


Shwam Fam said...

How fun is that? I think it would be so neat to find a nest and watch the eggs hatch. Ash must be loving it! Sorry friend, I think the eggs just might win this race. That is okay though- at least your baby will be WAY cuter! Can't wait to meet Colin. And I LOVE LOVE the name!