Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Colin update

I had yet another doctor appointment today and everything looks great. Colin is a beast, he's already weighing 5lb 11oz according to the ultra sounds YIKES! But that was all good news since they've been monitoring him so closely to make sure he is not too small. He's head down, "way down" according to the ultrasound tech which is another good thing. We had a non stress test (tests to see how his vitals react to contractions and fetal movement) everything came out perfect.

I have been blessed with a case of pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome (oh the joys of being pregnant). With the mild swelling you get at the end of pregnancy the carpal tunnel nerve can easily get pinched causing the pain so now I get to practice being 90 years old while being pregnant. The problem should be gone within 6 weeks after the delivery but it still stinks and makes me feel like a big dork.

Here are two pictures of Colin today, both are profile pictures and he looks so cute- like a real baby this time! In the first one it's just his profile and in the second one he's sucking his thumb- so sweet. Ashley was never a thumb sucker but she did blow bubbles when she was in my belly. I still haven't seen any hair on Colin's head, which is very strange to me but he's still got time.

We'll be going back to the doctor every week now to have an ultrasound and non-stress test so there will be lots more pictures to come :-)


Shwam Fam said...

So fun Kell!! Colin and Brody can be beasts together. They can have weigh in contests :)! Brody weighed 18 lbs. 9 oz. yesterday at his 6 month apt. Only one pound less than Mad at her one year apt. BOYS!!!! Glad everything is going great!

J. Gruenemay said...

I'm so ready to finally meet this little guy! You are so blessed to be having a boy now that you have Ash -- one of each! Instead of tea parties, Colin and Jason will be having pee parties. Haha! I'd like to say I'm kidding, but... boys will be boys. Miss you!