Friday, July 3, 2009

My little surfer boy

I've had a hard time finding any clothes that I love for Colin. I feel like there is a million cute little girl things no matter where you go and for boys...let's just say it's much more of a struggle. Most companies don't start making really cute stuff for boys until they are 6 months old but I want cute stuff before then, is that really too much to ask?? From most everything I've seen this little guy is going to look like he's wearing pajamas no matter what time of day it is until he's 6 months old and that makes me sad (that's another strange thing- Ash was a winter baby so she was always bundled up in outfits and blankets and I feel like Colin will look naked sporting nothing but a onesie, but it's just so hot!).

Anyways, Jas and I were running errands last night, picking up prego necessities like a fan for downstairs so I will not melt every night :-) I walked into a baby store really quick and again, they had tons of fleece, long sleeves and footed stuff which just sounds like the equivelant to wearing one of those sweat suits made out of plastic to help you lose water weight. Then, I found the jackpot, I cute little onesie and a little surfer boy hat. A moment of excitement in the baby boy's clothing department! I put a pic below, you can expect to see the little man wearing these a LOT for the first three months :-)


Moysa Family said...

K too funny that's the hat grey has. We carry that companies board shorts at bassinets. Don't worry colin will be a cutie even naked