Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reality Check

Over the last 24 hours I've had some reality checks- reminding me that a baby is about to be born and it's going to be a boy!

Last night Jason and I FINALLY started getting Colin's room together. Reality check #1- I'm really pregnant, normally I would help but instead I sat in the rocker or was sprawled out on the floor pointing and directing (not Jason's favorite).

After dinner I ran (more like hobbled) upstairs to change the laundry and just caught a glimpse of the boyishness oozing out of his room and smiled. Reality Check #2: This kid is a boy!

When we were working on Colin's room we (actually Jason) moved the bassinet into the Master bedroom. I never went into our room until it was time for bed and I immediately stopped and took a little leap back because I was shocked to see the bassinet in our room. Reality Check #3: There really is going to be a baby coming SOON!

This morning while I was picking up the house before we met Celina, Maddy, Brody and Greyson at the park (not sure how you did that walk home C- you are super woman!) Ashley decided to put a surprise in the bassinet. When she showed me the "surprise!" there was a baby doll wearing nothing but little diapers. Reality Check #4: that bassinet isn't just a new piece of furniture, a baby will be sleeping in there.

It's so strange how I've felt this little guy squirming around in my belly all day long and I've definitly KNOWN I was pregnant but I guess my useless prego brain couldn't connect the dots that a baby was coming out of this pregnancy, it's all starting to feel so real and exciting. After holding Brody at the park today I can't wait to have my arms filled with a little ball of testosterone while listening to princess Ashley tell him how cute he is- that will be amazing!


VeraJean said...

Hi you guys! - What fun to hear from you on a "regular" basis - just what all is going on - I really miss the fact that we don't live closer - Guess we can't live every where - - So glad you keep us posted so we can sort of plan when we can come and see you - We will be at Bruce & Joan's for the 8th of August - SARAH PALIN will be speaking at the Regan Library and we have reservations! So exciting! Anyway thanks again for all of your up dates! Love you guys! Nana & Papa!

Moysa Family said...

K... all this talk about Colin's room.... hello where's the pictures!!!! I need to c or maybe we should just invite ourselves over ha ha Just throwing out a new post idea for ya Kel =)

Anonymous said...

I"m with Bri... PICTURES PLEASE!!!!!!