Saturday, May 16, 2009

Packing up

We spent today shopping at Costco and the grocery store. Jas and I left Costco vowing never to attempt a Costco trip on the weekends from now on. It seemed like an entire city showed up to eat the samples, I've never seen lines so long to taste 1/2 a pot sticker or a tiny square of toast with butter on it! I wanted to look at these people that looked like rabid dogs and say, "Really? All this for a 1"x1" square of toast?" It's not like they were giving away diamond rings or free massages, they were squares of toast and shots of vitamin drinks. GEEZ!

I have 2 theories for the people running over other shoppers with carts and making nasty faces:

1.Either everyone there had low blood sugar levels because they were all finishing a long fast and were dying to get their tasters.


2.It was all a result of Costco running out of hot dogs at the snack stand which seemed to cause great chaos outside of the store. Trust me, I LOVE Costco hot dogs (with lots of Deli Mustard) but I would ever act like that even in the middle of a pregnant hot flash.

The grocery store was much better (probably because everyone was still at Costco).

When we got home I made some pasta salad for our trip and Jason went to his Uncle's house to pick up the camper (We're upgrading from our tents to the camper fort his trip. I think my prego body will be more than appreciative to sleep on a "bed" instead of the cold ground.)

We're going to spend the rest of the night packing clothes and all the other goodies we need for a fun trip. We'll have the computer on our trip so I'll try to post some pictures while we're gone.