Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Doctor Appointment

We're back from the doctor and everything looks great. My blood pressure was lower than it's been through the entire pregnancy which made her REALLY happy (me too). Colin's legs, belly, brain, etc. are measuring exactly to the day of his due date. We finally were able to get a cuter picture of him today, he was sitting in my sideways with his face up so it's a head on shot (not my favorite, I'm been dying to see his profile) but he did give a BIG smile for us and you can already see chubby cheeks starting to form. His ultrasounds seem so different from Ashley's. Ash was always putting on a show for us, waving, spinning around, letting her long hair flow in the amniotic fluid LOL. No sign of hair on Colin yet but I think it's still a little early. He is about 2.5 pounds right now and the ultrasound tech confirmed for us again that he is a HE. One of the highlights for me (I'm so vain) is that I only gained .2 pounds this last month!!!! YAY! I feel HUGE so I was thinking I might have gained another 5 pounds like last month, I guess this month cancels out last month right?? :-)

I have my glucose test next Tuesday and I'll be back to see the doctor in three weeks and we'll visit every two weeks from there on out! I'm so excited because it feels like this pregnancy is finally getting close to the end!!

I'm finally going to scan the ultrasound pics I have when Ash takes a nap and I'll post those once they're done.