Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We didn't have any big BBQ's or family gatherings this weekend but it was a time for our little family to gather and spend some free time together. I love having free weekends to be together. It seems so rare that we have weekends that aren't booked with parties, traveling, holidays, etc. It's so nice to have some quiet time with the ones you love so you can just be with each other and remember exactly why you love them so much. When I look back at this weekend there wasn't anything very exciting or magnificent but it was extraordinary because it was filled with extra laughs, lots of hugs, so many smiles and kiss after kiss. We spent most of Saturday at home just being lazy together which I think we all needed. On Sunday we went to see a possible dog to adopt, she wasn't the perfect fit for us but we had fun visiting with friends. We had a nice family lunch while we mulled over our doggy options and then headed to a furniture sale that was super lame but we still had fun walking around and laughing about it all. We had a nice dinner together and followed that up by a trip to Blockbuster and headed home for a couch date. This morning Jason woke up to go surfing and Ash and I cuddled in bed watching cartoons (I LOVE those times). After breakfast and some more lazy time Jas and I headed to the garage to unpack the last boxes, purge things that should have never made it here from the old house and to organize all the stuff in our pretty blue Rubbermaid bins. We ended the night with what I call "Hodge podge dinner". Here's the recipe: 1.) open the pantry 2.) pick out any odds and ends you like 3.) eat them. Ashley kept asking about getting married during dinner so we showed her our wedding video for the first time. She was pretty much only interested in the kiss and dancing. After we kissed she was concerned that we didn't wait for all the other people to have a turn to kiss. So, like I said, there was nothing spectacular about our weekend but as our long weekend is coming to a close I find myself feeling closer to my husband and my little girl. I feel like my heart grew with love for them over these three days and I was reminded how lucky I am to have them both, I am so grateful.

Tomorrow will be a spectacular way to start the week because we'll be heading to the "baby doctor". We'll get to start the week off with a reminder of the newest family member and I'm sure my heart will grow with love all over again tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes.