Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm a slacker

I've been pulling up the blog page for about a week now with intentions of getting some camping pictures up and I get distracted checking out everyone's blog updates and then decide I'm over it. Well, today I have no excuse, we have been lazy this weekend and I need to feel slightly productive so the pictures are being posted, FINALLY!

This is day 1 of our camping trip. We started the afternoon setting up camp and then headed down to the beach. Ashley really wanted to surf with Jason, after trying to explain to her that the air was cold and the water was cold she still just wanted to surf. So, surfing she went. If you notice my husband and daughter are the only people in the water without a wetsuit. People that were heading up and down the stairs would stop and watch Jas and Ashley for a few minutes, I'm not sure if it's because she was so young or they thought they were both crazy going in the water without a wetsuit. After surfing we went back to camp and changed into warm clothes, Ashley wanted to wear her mittens but then decided it might be better to take them off while trying to eat string cheese. My brother, Ian, came down to have dinner with us. After dinner Ashley had her first s'more. It wasn't quite what she hoped for, she only had about 2 bites and then was over it. I couldn't tell if she didn't like the taste or if the mess was just too much for her to be able to enjoy it. We had some music playing and Ashley was dancing for us and then asked me to dance with her, so we capped the night off with a dance together.


Bobbie said...

Picture surfing with her ever!!! so sweet!