Thursday, May 14, 2009

Double Digits

First off, sorry I've kind of abandoned my blog, I've been figuring out everything on facebook. I also think I'm subconsciously avoiding the blog so it will magically skip to week 30 so I feel like I've made some progress- I feel like my countdown has been in the 20 week range for eons and it's starting to bug me. However, I did log in to the blog today and notice that the countdown days have hit an exciting milestone- we have left the triple digits and are now in the double digits! WOOOHOOO! I'm starting to get very anxious and just want to meet this little boy. I want to see what he looks like and I want to watch his big sister lay eyes on him, I know once she does she'll never want to let go of him. It's funny because Jason and I aren't going to take on new titles with the birth of Colin we'll just have one more mouth yelling out our name but it's very exciting that Ashley will get to be the BIG SISTER. I'm already so proud of the sister she has been to him while he has been in my tummy and I love seeing how excited she gets when I tell her she can help me feed, burp, swaddle and dress him. She says she's excited about trying to change diapers but I know my little neat freak will quickly change her mind once she sees what that really entails.