Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just in case you didn't believe me...

Just in case you didn't believe me the several times that I've said I think Ashley has a little OCD in her, here's my proof. After breakfast this morning she outfitted herself in princess pearls and dumped a bag of cars on the floor and worked tirelessly for 34 minutes (yes I timed it) lining each vehicle up just right and changing the positions of different cars (apparently you can't have a purple jeep next to a blue boat trailer). My favorite part about these pictures is the fact that she has her pearl necklace on, how can you make a great parking lot without wearing pearls?

PS Taste of Ladera pictures are coming soon, I'm editing them right now.


Anonymous said...

ha ha.... Gavin does the SAME thing!!!!!!!! He lines them up in perfectly straight lines, all facing the same way. Too funny!!!!!