Thursday, December 3, 2009

The perfect day to fly a kite...I think

The Easter Bunny brought Ashley a kite and we've been waiting for the perfect day to fly it.  We never seemed to have the right kind of wind and then you throw in a newborn and BAM it's 8 months later and the kite has never seen the sunshine.  Well, we finally had a constant gentle breeze over the weekend so we decided to take advantage of it and let the kite fly high in the sky.

Ashley was SO excited I thought she was going to come out of her skin.  Side note: She has asked if it's the right windy day to fly her kite at least 5 times a week since we got the kite.  I'd say that's one persistent yet patient girl.

The smiles and joy that lit up Ashley's face as she watched her kite soar in the crisp air was so sweet.  When she had a chance to take hold of the handle you could tell she felt so grown up.  It was too cute!

As we were having this sweet moment with our daughter I'm sure people were walking and driving past the park thinking we were the biggest idiots ever.  You know how you hear about people getting hit by lightning for doing stupid things outside (like cleaning their pool), well, we might have, strike that, we HAD to look like one of those clueless people.  It all started out great, I swear!  The skies were blue with some puffy clouds in the distance.  Then the clouds turned dark gray and headed towards us but we didn't really notice because we were in a stage of kite flying euphoria.  Then Jason got a call from his mom to see if it was raining and he looked at me like it was the silliest question ever...then we looked at the sky...not such a silly question now.  You could see the rain pouring down maybe a mile or two away and there had been thunderstorm warnings so we QUICKLY reeled in that kite and ran home (we were quick like lightning- I know, lame joke).