Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Concert with Ashley

For the last 10 years my family has attended the South Shores Church Christmas concert.  It was at a Christmas Concert that I decided this was where I wanted to get married.  Then I met Jason and 5 years later it's where we said our vows.  I love going back every year, the music is great and to revisit the place we became Mr. and Mrs. is special to me.

Colin was not in best form because of his darn tooth so Jason agreed to stay home and Ashley, my dad and I went to the concert.  Ashley was so excited to see my mom on stage.  It was a fun date night with my dad and daughter.  I told Ashley it was the place Daddy and I got married and that opened the gate for so many questions.  She asked about my dress, the people, what we did, it was so cute. 

This year the concert began with Marines from Camp Pendleton lighting the candles- I love those men and women.  The sacrifices they make, along with their families, is beyond noble.  I experienced a fraction of what the family members of a soldier go through and I can't imagine experiencing it to the full extent.  So after shedding a few tears of appreciation the concert began.

I didn't worry about Ashley getting antsy through the concert but I wasn't prepared for her to be so interested.  She watching every instrument and singer through the entire performance and kept telling me, "I can not believe how amazing and wonderful this is."  The things she says make me laugh.

It was a fun night introducing one of my childhood traditions to Ashley. 

These are just a few pictures of me with the kids before Ash and I left.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness....the pic of your little ones with Santa is ADORABLE!!! so freakin cute :)All the pics are great!!