Thursday, December 3, 2009

Colin's current crushes

Colin has fallen in love or at least has some serious crushes on a few things.

1.  His hands.  After he wakes up and beams a dozen or so smiles he gets those hands together and just watches them crawl all over one another.  He seriously studies his digits and even feels the need to giggle at times.

2.  Beth Moore- I'm doing a Beth Moore Bible Study and we watch a video of her speaking every other week.  This week I think he fell in love.  He caught a glimpse of her and never wanted to look away.  I tried turning him and he would just wiggle to where he could see her again.  I'm thinking it's all about her accent, how can you not love a southern accent?

3.  His voice.  Our boy has found his voice and it looks like he's amazed by it.  When he lets out a loud coo he'll get this goofy grin like he just can't believe that noise came out of his little body.  It's pretty funny to watch.


Ian Forrest said...

After looking at these pics I feel like I miss out on so much life. I miss you guys.