Friday, October 23, 2009

New York, NY

For my Birthday my mom surprised me with a quick trip to New York City.  It was a VERY quick trip but it was just the right amount of time to see the city and get back home to my babies before I started having melt downs.  We took the red-eye flight on Friday the 23, landed in NYC at 8am, checked into our awesome hotel on Park Avenue then we headed out we walked the city until 7pm.  We went to the NY Library (that is what a Library is supposed to look like! This is also where Carrie and Mr. Big planned to have their wedding), we walked to the upper east side, had a hot dog at Gray's Papaya (Regis Philbin talks about that place a lot! It was also where Carrie ate after her book party on Sex and the City) then we had a Wicked Hot Chocolate at  Jaques Torres' chocolate shop.  After getting toasty while we had cocoa we walked through Central Park, saw the Boathouse restaurant (another spot in Sex and the City) and some gorgeous trees.  Then we headed to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where we walked through some exhibits and then had an appetizer and glass of wine in one of the restaurants that had a wall of windows that looked out to Cleopatra's Obelisk in Central Park- very fun!  Then we went to FAO Schwartz and Tiffany's.  Ladies, let me tell you, the Tiffany's store in NY is massive and magical.  It's 5 stories and absolutely beautiful.  There's so much sparkle on each floor and the employees are so nice and just want everyone to enjoy their visit.  After admiring diamond necklaces we hobbled our tired bodies back to the hotel and ended up having a wonderful dinner there where we watched the rain really come down.  When we  woke up  Sunday morning we left the hotel at 8am and walked to Greenwich Village (where Sarah Jessica Parker really lives).  It was amazing how quiet the city was at 8am on a Sunday.  We enjoyed a great brunch at the Hudson diner across from a beautiful old church.  Then we started to explore some more and ended up doing some SERIOUS walking.  We headed to pier 40 and saw the Hudson River and a million runners (probably training for the upcoming NY marathon).  Then we started to head to the 9/11 site and financial district.  On our way back to park avenue we walked through Little Italy (which smelled DELISH) then we hit China Town (which smelled DISGUSTING- like rotten fish).  We walked through SoHo and then back to our hotel just in time to pick up our bags and hop in a cab at 3pm to make our 4:15 flight.  It was a very fun trip.  It rained on and off the first day so we were able to see what life is like in NY with the rain (can't imagine it with all the snow) and the following day it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL.  At times my mom and I would talk about how we would love to live in new york but then we would realize we were talking about living in the ritzy area (park avenue, madison avenue, etc).  When we saw where we would probably be afford to live we questioned the idea.  I just love the city.  Everything from the food vendors on the street to the world renowned restaurants, the stores selling cheap tourist clothes to the major designers' stores.  Everywhere you look there is something to see.  One of my favorite things is walking down the streets feeling like the buildings are about to gobble you up because they are just so big and remind you just how small you are.  It was a great trip and I'll always remember it- thanks MOM!

In front of the NY Library (where Carrie and Big have their wedding)

The library ceiling, impressive to say the least!

                 Where Carrie got the call from Mr. Big that he wasn't going to show up to to their wedding.

Bryant Park

Times Square

Gray's Papaya- a great hot dog!

Central Park

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

 Empire State Building

Flatiron Building in the Background

Flatiron Building

Where Tim Gunn and the contestants of Project Runway spend most of their time...Parsons

Me in front of Washington Square

Beautiful park in Washington Square

Greenwich Village- my favorite place in the city

This courtyard used to be the "slums", now it is shared by celebrities and millionaires.

The Hudson at Pier 40

Construction at the 9/11 site

Ironic that they have this law because I've never heard more horns being honked.

Little Italy

mmmmm gelato!

China town, I felt like I was 7 feet tall there

This pic is for you Erin <3