Saturday, October 10, 2009

My little lady

My sweet princess. Since the moment I laid eyes on you I knew we would have something special. You're a girl after my own heart. You love a good movie, tickles, dressing up and of course chocolate. I have had so much fun being your mommy this past year. I have watched the last bit of baby disappear before my eyes, you are nothing but a big girl now and as I type that a part of my heart aches but another is so excited for the big girl adventures we will get to enjoy together.

I have been so proud of you as you have adjusted to quite a few changes this past year because you've done all of it with a smile and pure joy and excitement in your heart. Some kids might be upset and confused about packing up and moving, but not you. You were probably the most excited about the move and needed no time to adjust to our new home. You were all smiles when it came to our many, MANY trips to the baby doctor, you were content watching cartoons and playing games in bed with me when I was on bed rest and you have been nothing but overjoyed to be a big sister. I can't tell you how proud and appreciative I am for those things, you made some hard times very special.

You have turned in to such a little lady from asking your daddy how you look before we leave the house to having him help you pick out a shirt only to tell him you don't like his choice :-)

There are some things you do that make life so special. Every time you are in the middle of something and stop to ask for a kiss and a hug I feel honored. The fact that you enjoy my hugs and kisses enough to ditch play-do, time on the swings or part of a cartoon makes me feel so special. Lately you've been asking for a "little cuddle" when you're tired. You curl up in my arms and we just snuggle up and have precious conversations.

You are such a gift to us Ashley. I feel so lucky to be your mom and so blessed to experience life with you every day. I hope our relationship will always be strong and that we will always enjoy each others company. I will do my best to carve out time for us and to make those special girly moments in life that much more exciting for you.

I love you sweet pea and am grateful I get to be your mommy.

I love you Ashley Girl.
Love, Always and Forever,
mommy xoxo


J. Gruenemay said...

You made me cry! Twice!! You jerk. You're such a sweet mommy and I love these little letters. They make me want to write them for my babies... but I'm just too good at procrastinating. Thanks for sharing with us all the love you have for your sweet little babes. They are so lucky to have you for a mommy!