Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

For Halloween this year we decided to have some friends and family over for chili and trick-or-treating.  We had the Varca Family, Shwam Family, Moysa Family, Rogers Family, Ryan and Hayle, Mike and Lynn Reehl and Jason's parents (it was a full house!).  The kids all looked so cute in their costumes.  There were two fire fighters, Robin (from Batman and Robin, a butterfly, Cinderella, a little kitty, banana (aka Banana boy) and a cute little puppy dog.  All of the kids did great!  We played in the tents out in front of our house then had dinner and we were off to trick-or-treat.  This place is amazing, people had great decorations, neighbors were gathered outside on their porches handing out candy and greeting kids and some houses were even passing out grown up goodies :-)  All the kids did great, even when the first house we went to we were greeted by a VERY scary mask.  I was worried that would be the end of trick-or-treating right there.  After we made our rounds we came back to the house for pumpkin pie and coffee and just enjoyed the company of our friends.  It was a great night and we were so happy to share it with great company, I'm thinking it might be a new Halloween tradition for us.

Watching the Word Series

Dinner Time

My Little Hero

The Big Kids

                                                          Yikes! The first house we went to.

Part of the Gang

More of the Gang

                                              These people went all out with the decorations

This little guy was done

                                                                                                       Checking out her loot!