Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Lambs Halloween

Ashley sings in the Little Lambs choir at our church and is loving it!  They have to learn 8 songs and we'll start performances the first week of December.  She's mostly looking forward to singing on the BIG stage in the sanctuary, she talks about it A LOT!

The Tuesday before Halloween, Little Lambs had a Prince and Princess party.  So all the kids were dressed up and after rehearsal they trick-or-treated from the parents and then ended the party with a cookie and juice.  Ashley was thrilled because she was given a cookie with purple frosting.  Could life get any better for a girl that LOVES purple??


Shwam Fam said...

WoW!!! Kell- you really did a lot of blogging tonight lady! I would comment on every single one but that would take awhile. Love Ash and love that her and Mad share the same fav color. Maddy also did the same thing with the Toys R Us catalog. I swear they were meant to be BFF. Colin is adorable and getting SO BIG!!! I remember putting Brody in the Bumbo the first time and that REALLY made me feel like he wasn't a baby anymore. :( NY looked amazing! Thanks for Halloween night- we are so blessed to have such great friends and can't wait to make many memories with our little families! xoxo