Thursday, October 8, 2009

Apple country

It's that time of year again when the air is crisp, the sky is blue and the apple trees are dotted with delicious fruit ripe for picking. I've been watching the weather looking for the perfect cool day to bring the kids back to Oak Glen for a fun day of apple picking and enjoying some small town fun. Unfortunately, this first cold day of fall happened to fall on a Sunday, so Jason opted out so he could watch football. So I piled all the baby paraphernalia in the truck with the kids, my brother and sister and headed inland. When we arrived to the same orchard we visit each year I was shocked to see that the trees were looking a bit bare, but I figured it was just because the trees next to the parking lot were over picked. When I headed to the fruit stand there were no display bags of apples and no line of eager apple pickers. I asked the worker if we were too early or late in the season and he said they all just had a terrible growing season and very little fruit was produced so there were no apples to be picked. My heart sank because this was our tradition and Ashley was so excited this year. So we went to plan B and decided to just cruise through the orchard for some photos and walk through the pumpkin field before heading into town for some fun. We were walking around the orchard and that's when I realized I still have mush for brains. I spent the night before making a list of everything I needed to bring and do, unfortunately,I don't know how to read "put charged battery in camera" GRRRR. Luckily, I had the camera on my cell phone. So we spent the morning in 50 degree weather exploring the farm and we finally found an apple for Ashley to pick, it was rotten so she didn't get to keep it but she still thought it was very exciting.

We then walked to one of the ranches, checked out their general store and decided to head back in to town where Ashley rode the train and we all enjoyed one of the greatest treats, fresh apple cider donuts...mmmmmmm. After looking at all of the shops we decided to get in line for lunch and while I waited in line Ian, Erin and Ash checked out the candy store and cheese shop. We all ordered a bowl of chili for lunch and had to laugh when we were served a not so hot bowl of hormel, I guess it wasn't really what any of us were expecting. But it provided some giggles which was worth it.

We ended the day with our traditional pictures in front of the parrish farms sign and their pile of pumpkins. As we were taking those pictures I realized that I've posed in those exact spots three years in a row and each year I've stood there feeling more blessed than the year before. My eyes started to well as we posed because I felt my dreams becoming a reality, I had my daughter standing close to me while holding my son and life just felt good, really, REALLY good.

As we headed home I had one of those moments where I really felt like a mom, I was in a car with 4 other people and I was the only one awake. I was envious of their nap time but I was happy to be the mom driving them home, it's the role in life I've always wanted to have.

Our trip might not have been as we planned with a few hiccups but it was still wonderful and I guarantee you this time next year you'll know where to find us.


J. Gruenemay said...

These pictures are great!!! I love the one of you and Colin by the cars and he's totally zonked out displaying his baby double chin. Ashley is such a beautiful little lady! So photogenic. You look really great and you seriously have this happy mommy aura. Can't wait to see you in just over a month!