Friday, January 30, 2009

Wide Open Spaces

We are finally in our first home! YAY! I know for a lot of people a 1600 sq ft condo doesn't seem like a palace, but for us it feels like we're living in a royal castle. When I wake up in the morning here I smile because I don't feel like the walls are closing in, then I wander into my bathroom and almost chuckle because it's more than I ever wanted and when I make my way downstairs I'm just so happy to see the long hallway leading to Ashley's room, I feel like I can breathe and move around without bumping into something or tripping over toys. With the space and storage at this house we never have to know that toys exist unless we have them out to play. When we started getting the furniture situated yesterday it amazed me because every room started to look even bigger, the amount of space we have to hang out, play and entertain is beyond exciting for us.

Of course our move couldn't be perfect, that would be too easy! We spent the night on Thursday and at 4am Ashley woke up throwing up all over the 8 blankets I used to make a bed for her in our room. She then got sick on our freshly cleaned carpet and her and I spent the rest of the night in the master bath.

Yesterday afternoon we had a big surprise dropped in our lap. As we were trying to take the doors off our old garage fridge so it would fit into the kitchen Peter walked in and wanted to know what we were doing. After watching Jason fiddle with the doors for a few minutes he told us to have the fridge wheeled into the garage and that him and Sandy were going to get us a new fridge. We went and picked it out last night and it will be here by this afternoon! We also have the new washer and dryer that my parents bought us coming on Tuesday, I'm so spoiled! We owe a huge THANK YOU to our parents because those are two amazing gifts.

So, we're pretty much moved in, we still just have some random stuff to get our of the old place but this house already feels like a home and I don't ever want to leave. This morning when we all woke up I thought I was house sitting because it hasn't hit me that I get to wake up here every day.

OH! I failed to mention that the master bath tub might be my favorite spot in the world! Ashley took a bubble bath up to her neck for almost an hour and it just made me smile watching her play and laugh in that big tub of bubbles. After I put Ashley to sleep I made my own bubble bath and I could have slept in there all night. The angle they made for your back is the most comfy thing ever and it's super deep so you stay nice and warm, I told Jason he needs to expect the water bill to go up because that bathtub is pure heaven.