Sunday, January 25, 2009

Change in Plans

So, you know when you think you've finally made plans, gotten all the kinks out so everything is scheduled and set up just so and then one thing happens that snowballs and ruins it all? Well, that's kind of how our Wed. and Thurs. were last week. Our mortgage broker was dropping the ball after giving us a move in date so Jason and I spent hours on the phone with him, his manager, all the way up to the CEO to get their act together. They finally got the job done, they were late but everything was still supposed to work out. As you can imagine, the stress of moving, packing, living amongst boxes, coordinating the movers, cleaning people, etc and me being pregnant it was an emotional day (kind of an understatement). Supposedly everything was figured out and the move was still going to happen on Friday, then the escrow company called and they had some "bad news" (another understatement), the homeowners had a lien on their home and the IRS is forgiving it. In order for us to clear and record our loan the escrow company has to have a hard copy from the IRS showing that they are forgiving the lien. In true form, the government only has one person in Northern California who can write this letter and send it out and he was sick and our of the office for over a week, so all of his work was piling up and hanging out on his desk. For some reason the escrow company thought they were going to receive the letter Thursday morning so Ash and I decided to wait to go to Disneyland after we signed our loan documents. After waiting and waiting we finally heard back around 1pm that it wasn't going to happen. I was upset, crying, angry and frustrated (if you asked Jason he'd probably say that is an understatement haha). So Ash and I went to Ruby's for a late lunch, then we met Jason at the new house to meet the carpet cleaner. We ended up siging our loan documents theat evening (Thursday) but we aren't closing until next week. We're just along for the ride at this point, we know it will all be done early next week and then we can end all of this and just enjoy our new house! We think we've got all the kinks worked out again so we've rescheduled the movers for Thursday at noon and hopefully we'll be settled in and able to enjoy the super bowl.