Monday, January 5, 2009

A Quick Trip to Disneyland

Ashley and I made a quick trip to Disneyland today. It was so fun going with season passes because there wasn't the usual pressure to make sure we met everyone, rode every ride and saw everything. We just did what we wanted and had a blast. Ashley's favorite ride was the Rollercoaster in Toon Town, I think I enjoyed Dumbo, the tea cups and the carousel the most. Ashley had the giggles on Dumbo and the tea cups and on the carousel she swung her arm around and said, "YEEE HAW!" the entire time and it was so funny. The weather was great, almost too cold at times but it was fun to be bundled up and Disneyland was busy but the longest wait we had was about 20 minutes, for most of the rides we only had to wait 5-10 minutes.

Ashley loved getting to meet the characters and she wasn't really understanding that she couldn't stand and talk to them because other people needed a turn. What a difference from how timid she was a year ago.

We're planning on going back for her birthday which should be fun. If you don't already know Disneyland has a year long promotion giving free entrance to people on their birthday, so if you feel like being a big kid on your birthday this year you can go for free!

Our Ride on Dumbo

The Carousel, YEE HAW!

Visiting with Pooh and Mickey

Ashley's favorite ride

Visiting Goofy at his house

Saying hi to Minnie

A Ride on the Tea Cups