Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pregnant Ambitions

I don't know what happens to my brain but when I get pregnant I randomly decide to take on huge tasks or to learn something new. We're in the middle of packing to move now (not the best time to take up new hobbies). So, after staring at each room for about 15 minutes this morning I decided I better do something about the boxes in the hallway that needed to be filled. In the middle of packing, while I was elbow deep in blankets, quilts, etc. I looked over at Ashley's hair and realized it was just way too long. Instead of making a mental note to make an appointment for her to get a haircut I decided today would be a great day to perform my first mommy haircut (I know you're probably cringing while I say it). So I washed her hair, got the combs, brushes and scissors out, plopped her on her stool and put some cartoons on. After 20 minutes, voila, a more manageable length, healthier ends and a proud almost three year old modeling her haircut for me :-) The good part is her cut is straight and I didn't decide to do something REALLY ambitious- like a bob. Ashley stood in front of the mirror admiring her cool new haircut and I asked if she liked having shorter hair for her birthday and she said, "Yup, I'm all growed up!" It's funny how taking 2 inches off her hair makes her look at least 2 inches taller. For all of you that are mad at me for cutting her hair, don't be! Ashley's hair could set records for how fast it grows and it will rid us of the morning cry while I brush out her tangles (hallelujah!).

While I'm on here, for those of you who haven't been told yet, we're supposed to be signing our loan documents on Wed. and getting our keys on Thursday (while Ashley and I are celebrating her birthday at Disneyland)! The big move will happen Friday and our goal is to be moved in and settled by the end of the weekend, my ambitious pregnant brain would love to be done Saturday night so we can rest and enjoy homeownership on Sunday but I think there's a fat chance of that happening. I'll probably make a quick post on the morning of Ashley's birthday and then I'll be blogging from Ladera Ranch!