Sunday, January 25, 2009

Disneyland in the Rain

My brother offered to go to Disneyland with Ashley and I to help celebrate her birthday. I'm so glad he did because it was really helpful to have an extra set of hands with all the rain. The morning started off with quite a bit of rain but it eased up once we were in the gates and just misted on and off for most of the day. We started the day off by going to City Hall to get Ashley a Birthday button and Goofy called to wish her a Happy Birthday. Then we made a quick stop in the store to get a children's poncho since Target only had adult ones. The only rides closed that Ashley cared about were the Tea Cups and Alice in Wonderland but we made up for that by taking her on Mr. Toad's Wild Ride and Peter Pan for the first time. Ashley was a trooper, she did a lot of walking and standing in line compared to any other trip and Uncle Ian was there to hold her when her legs were just too tired. We ended up leaving the park around 5:30 and when we got to my car I changed Ashley into her PJ's and her poor feet were all wrinkled and cold from her feet being wet all day. I was shocked because any other time we've gone to Disneyland she falls asleep in the parking structure or right when we get on the freeway and she managed to stay awake to feed her baby doll until we were half way home. It was a fun day and all the employees and characters at Disneyland made her feel so special by wishing her a happy birthday and paying a little more attention to her. By the time we got home I was so happy we weren't moving this weekend because I was officially pooped.

Ashley braving the cold rain.

Ashley getting a phone call from Goofy to wish her a happy birthday.

Showing off her Birthday button

Riding Dumbo with Uncle Ian

Saying hi to Woody and his girlfriend

Saying Hi to Pooh and Tigger. They thought it was funny to play with her hat but Ashley wasn't finding the humor and was a little frustrated that they kept doing it, that's why she has such funny smiles in these pictures.

Giving Mickey a kiss goodbye.

Trying to blow something up with Uncle Ian

It blew up!

Ending the day with a treat. I let her pick anything out and she said she wanted the big, huge giant chocowate cupcake, it was really a chocolate chocolate chip muffin but it was huge and she almost ate the whole thing.

A chocolate smile.