Saturday, April 24, 2010

Santa Barbara to Dana Point

This morning we went to Irvine in hopes of seeing my brother finish his 6 mile leg of the Ragnar Relay which starts in Santa Barbara.  Each team runs from Santa Barbara to Dana Point taking turns along the way.  We were lucky enough to pull out of a shopping center as he was running the last mile of the 20 miles he contributed to the race.  We decided to drive in the bike lane and cheer him on for that last mile.  I couldn't believe how much energy he still had after running so far.  He still had time to smile, say hi and even strike a tea pot pose haha.  It was a really fun thing to see him do and to get to give him a hug at the end.  We're so proud of you Ian, you looked great and your team didn't stop talking about how great you did.  I'm impressed and even more impressed that you're running the La Jolla 1/2 marathon tomorrow...geeez!

 How he still had energy to goof off and pose like a teapot (random) I'm not sure.  If it were me, I'm pretty sure I would have been on my hands and knees crawling up the hill at mile 20.
My handsome brother is a running stud.  
Ashley was so excited to cheer for Uncle Ian and so proud of him when he finished.