Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Dinner

I know, by now you're thinking how many Easter events can one person have?  Well, there's a TON for us.  I cooked Easter dinner for my little family and my Dad.  It was nice to be at home, just relaxing and enjoying each other.  We enjoyed a yummy dinner, gave Grandpa a little Easter prize and then Jas and I did a little something special for our girl.  Do you know that Baskin Robbins commercial for ice cream cakes?  If you do you probably think it's the most obnoxious commercial on tv, most people do, but not our Ashley.  She has been obsessed with that commercial for an entire year!  Every time it comes on she will run from wherever she is and ask us to rewind it so she can see the entire commercial and sing along with it.  We've been looking for the perfect time to get an ice cream cake and figured Easter would be fun.  The best part was they had a cake that looked like a purple easter bunny.  Purple!  How could it get any better?!  We told her we had a special dessert and she guessed from cookies to popsicles and finally gave up.  We had her cover her eyes and then Jason brought the cake in and she went crazy!  She sang the song about 5 times and then admired her cake for about 5 minutes before asking for a taste.  It was a fun way to end the night.