Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Golfing with Gramps

Today was my Dad's birthday so I thought it would be fun for Ashley and him to golf at the putting greens in our neighborhood.  We've been to the park before but never remembered to bring golf stuff with us.  Ash had a blast putting from hole to hole and was so proud when she sank each ball.  Gramps gave some much needed basic golf lessons and Colin watched it all with a drooling smile (does the drool ever stop??)  Then Dad and I soaked up some sun, enjoying the view while Ashley made a friend at the park and Colin took a snooze.  We ended our time with lunch together and talked and talked and talked.  It was a great way to just spend time with Dad/Gramps and fun was had by all.

Happy Birthday Dad/Gramps, we hope you have a special day!  Thank you for being such a great Dad, Father-in-law, Grandpa and Doggy Grandpa to us all.  We love you!

       Being Grandpa's Caddy
Love these smiles!
A much needed golf lesson. 

Seriously watching sister's golf game

Laughing at his sister
Making silly faces at Mom
I can't get enough of this sweet face