Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Church

This Easter was the 30th anniversary of our church so they decided to celebrate in a big Angel Stadium.  We were hesitant about going because it's a long time for little ones to sit without being able to wiggle but we decided to bite the bullet and join in the celebration.  To make sure we avoided the traffic and the possibility of being stuck in traffic with a crying baby we arrived at 7:30 with McDonald's breakfast in hand and cute kids in their jammies.  Ash and Colin got to eat their breakfast out of the trunk of our car, they thought it was pretty fun.  After breakfast we changed the kiddos and headed in to the stadium.  We had fun playing games with our section, Ashley did some dancing, Colin took a snooze and we chatted with our family.  The kids were great until about the last 20 minutes Colin was done, so Jason, being the wonderful husband he is took him for a walk.  On the drive home Ashley announced that Jesus wasn't in her heart because he went to his friend's house, we burst out laughing.  I tried to explain that He was everywhere but it just wasn't making sense to her, so I guess that's a discussion for another day.  It was a fun and special Easter service that I'm glad we didn't miss.  Thank you Ash and Colin for being such well behaved angels, you made me one proud mama.

            Ummm, hey guys, I'm awake!  FEED ME!
                                           I'm so grateful he's my man :-)
                                                A serious dance face
                         My family, doing what they do before the service started.