Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Park Date with the Shwams

We had a little play date with our good friends, Celina, Maddy and Brody.  The kids had fun swinging in the swings together (all four kids in two swings!)  The girls had fun playing with other little girls at the park, jumping rope and sliding down the slides a million times.  Brody played baseball and golf and Colin oversaw the whole operation.  We had a Happy Meal picnic with our friends and then played a little more.  Thanks for such a fun day at the park C, Mads and Brod, we love you!


Shwam Fam said...

We love the Brick family! It was such a fun day with great friends! I am so glad that Maddy has a best girlfriend in Ashley! Love the new picture, love the updates, love the background- great job Kelly!!!

cwuestefeld said...

hahaha those pics are great with 2 kids in one swing!! Looks like a fun day :)