Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Finally a Plan

We had our appointment this morning(it was actually with the Dr. that delivered Jason). Colin wasn't moving too much in the non stress test and everything else was about the same since I left the hospital. Dr.Stadler sent us to the mission viejo ultra sound tech to get a biophysical test done to make sure that Colin was OK and the placenta was functioning well enough to give him enough oxygen and nutrients (one of the first problems for the baby when mom has preeclampsia is the placenta starts to fail and the baby doesn't get everything it needs). Thank God Colin received an A+ on his test! We are scheduled for an induction Sunday morning at 9am. At this point Colin is considered full term and they are more concerned about complications of him staying in my belly than coming out. So it looks like Colin will be born 8-9-09! I'm really excited to finally meet this little dude.