Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Just some pictures of my boy

Obviously, he's my baby so I think he's the cutest little boy alive. I love his squishy cheeks, his spiky hair, his skinny little legs and his big feet. My boy loves to stare at his mom, dad and big sis. When we were in the hospital the only times he was ever out of our arms was when we would eat and he would sit in his plastic box and just stare at us. After he eats he loves to stare at me and he probably thinks I'm a little crazy because I never stop talking to him. I love his kisses, especially when he's all snuggled into my neck and gives me a sweet kiss. He is a huge cuddle bug (that makes me so happy) and if he's crying after a bath or hungry I can just rest him against my chest and he stops crying almost immediately, it's nice to feel like I have such a soothing effect on him. I feel so blessed to have my girly girl and my little man, I'm loving them both so much and can't wait to watch them grow.


Shwam Fam said...

He is so handsome! I can't wait to get my hands on him. His hair is too cute!

Michelle said...

You have the most beautiful children in the world... I can't wait to meet Colin in person!! He looks so adorable :) :)

Have a great weekend!

Nancy Ann said...

Colin is so beautiful and he looks so cute in his little outfit! We can't wait to meet him. : )