Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our swimmer girl

My bed rest and frequent trips to the hospital put a little kink in our swim lesson schedule so we ended up finishing the last two lessons the week after Colin was born. I was afraid Ashley would have regressed since she hadn't been in the pool practicing for such a long time but she amazed her mom and dad and did even better than before :-) On the last day Ashley swam across the entire pool and only had Mr. Grant help her with a two second break twice. She is comfortable floating on her back alone, she can dive down to the bottom to get rings and toys, she now dives belly first instead of feet first and she is a "big arm swimmer". I am so proud of her!

As you can see, Colin was thrilled to be at the swim lessons, just look at the excitement on his face :-)


J. Gruenemay said...

I love the photos of her hanging mid-air above the water. She's going for it, no fear! I'm very impressed that she's swimming so well on her own already. That's pretty advanced, no?