Sunday, August 23, 2009

Colin's Birthday

Sunday, August 9, 2009 we woke up around 5:30am to get ready to leave for the hospital. I woke up with so much anxiety, I was so excited but still scared about the unknown. When Ashley was picked up I could feel a tug at my heart. I felt like saying goodbye to her was like saying goodbye to the life we had known. My stomach was in knots and filled to the brim with butterflies as we drove to the hospital. When we were finally in our labor and delivery room I felt like I was living in a dream, I couldn't believe this day had come.

When we met our nurse I think Jason and I both wanted to jump out of our seats with excitement because she was the same nurse that took care of me when I was in the hospital with contractions and we LOVED her. To get to have her for the delivery of Colin made me so happy because she is just awesome! At that point I had a nurse I loved and Dr. Stadler who delivered Jason and we loved too, I was ready to go.

After about 8 hours of painless contractions (thanks to my epidural) it was time to have a baby and 4 minutes later, he made his debut. It took Colin a good 25 seconds to take his first breath, which was more than scary, especially as we watched him turn a dark shade of purple but once Dr. Stadler handed him over to the nurses he finally belted out a good cry and turned a nice bright shade of pink.

My sweet boy had arrived and it was love at first sight. I sat in my bed watching them test him and clean him up and I was just dying to get my hands on him. Once he was in my arms I was shocked to see how much he looked like his older sister, it was like holding the same baby all over again.

When Ashley came in to see Colin she was in awe and couldn't stop talking about how cute he was and how much she loved him. I had to agree with her, he is one darn cute baby and I love him so much too.

Below are some pictures of Colin right after he was born. The nurse that gave him his first bath is the same nurse that gave Ashley her first bath, we loved her too.


J. Gruenemay said...

Can somebody please hand me a hankie? I'm all teared up!! You did SUCH A GOOD JOB! He is a gorgeous little boy, so healthy, pink and with a full head of hair. I think I hear my uterus knocking.